7 Ways I Help Data Scientists On 20–30 Min Zoom Calls

Your journey into data science deserves clarity, strategy, and personalized guidance

Adam Ross Nelson
4 min readOct 29

In the ever-evolving world of data science, making informed decisions and leveraging your strengths can make all the difference. Within a short 20–30 min Zoom call with me, you can get invaluable insights tailored to your unique journey.

Here’s an in-depth look at how we can maximize those minutes together:

  1. Discovering Hidden Connections: Networking is not the magic bullet in job searching that it is often made out to be. Networking is one of many important strategies. Often, many folks will overlook reconnecting with important connections that can propel a career forward. I can help you identify relationships you hadn’t previously considered valuable for your transition to a data science role. I can show you how to really maximize the value of your existing connections in ways that will reveal new connections that might have otherwise been hidden to you. Tapping into your existing network might open doors you did not know where there.
  2. Aiming Higher: We are too often our own harshest critic. It is easy to underestimate our own skills and abilities. The world of data science is vast, and understanding your rightful place within the field is tough. Some professionals, especially those transitioning, may unintentionally aim lower than their full potential actually allows. In our session, I can evaluate your skills, experience, and aspirations. Together, we’ll ensure that your targets align with the heights you can achieve and that you’re not inadvertently settling for too little. Related, if you do need to be more strategic by searching for a “stepping stone” I can help you identify which positions may make for the best steps up.
  1. Engaging with Recruiters: Building relationships with recruiters can offer a critical advantage in understanding market trends and available opportunities. It’s not always about finding the right folks to contact. Often it is more about deciding how you reach out. I can provide strategies and guidance on…

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