9 Key Takeaways From How To Become a Data Scientist by Adam Ross Nelson

Showcasing a short list of 9 important takeaways from the book

Adam Ross Nelson
14 min readMay 23

After a successful book signing event for How to Become a Data Scientist at Open Data Science East in May, I wanted to check back in with ODSC folk by showcasing a short list of 9 important takeaways from the book.

Navigating your way into the field of data science, especially as an established professional, can feel akin to attempting one of the hardest tasks in the Triwizard Tournament — the formidable maze. Full of potential wrong turns and looming challenges, it’s a journey that can seem as intricate and confusing as the bewitched hedges of the Hogwarts maze.

Image Credit: Photographer Alexander Landa. Used with permission.

In this realm, my book (hi, I’m Adam ross Nelson ) — How to Become a Data Scientist emerges as your personal ‘Portkey’ — a magical object that has the power to transport its holder to a desired destination. This book, teeming with invaluable insights and practical guidance, acts as an enchanted aid that can instantly navigate you through the winding labyrinth toward your goal of becoming a proficient data scientist.

Much like the Triwizard champions relied on wands, brooms, or portkeys to overcome trials, mid- and late-career professionals stepping into or leveling up in the data science arena can trust How To Become a Data Scientist as their ‘Portkey.’ The purpose? To whisk them away from confusion and lead them toward clarity and success.

To preview this ‘Portkey,’ I am spelling out these eleven key takeaways from the book. If these takeaways resonate with you, I recommend that you equip you with the not-magic but magic-like tools you can find in the book. With this book’s guidance, you’ll discover you are more ready than you know. Remember, as in the magical world of Harry Potter, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” In the same spirit, support will always be available in your data science journey to those who seek it.

Every wizard started as a mere Muggle, every data scientist began from a place of not knowing. Let’s traverse through the labyrinth of your data science journey together, with the portkey of knowledge at our disposal.

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