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Image Credit: Author’s Illustration “Resource Bank.”

Periodically Updated List Of Resources, Arranged By Topic, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Careers

Table Of Contents

1) Building A Professional Portfolio   Getting A Portfolio Started
Adding & Enhancing A Portfolio
Contribute To Other Projects
2) Data Science & Machine Learning Making Fictional Data
(For testing, training, demonstration)
K-Nearest Neighbors
Distance Measures
Automating Data Collection
3) Career Advice Big Career Mistakes (Big Ones)
Career Paths
4) Data Culture Data Driven Culture?
What Is A Data Set?
Columns, Variables, Dimensions . . .
5) Professional Writing Resources Common Writing Mistakes
Research Questions
6) Personal Meets Professional Coming Out

Building A Professional Portfolio

Solid blue background plus repetitive icons related to salary and negotiations
All images prepared by the author, using stock images at Header illustration. Includes repetitive icons related to salary and negotiations.

Why many don’t conduct salary research, why you should, and four strategies that can help


Image Credit: “Author’s Illustration” — More on attributions.

Market Research Tool Helps Everyone

Keep this tool in mind for the next time you need to collect new data fast


Image Source: Author’s Illustration.

What to do when your audio doesn’t match the video.


The Good News

The Bad News Is Though…

Author’s Illustration.

Super chains for the Pandas win!

Method chains I use (and reuse) because they’re helpful and poetic, in a programmatic way


Rotate Pandas Describe Output

I still remember the angst associated with learning Pandas and Python; hacks I wish I had earlier in my learning journey


Author’s Illustration “Online Educational Icons.”

Has anyone recently asked you to an online course platform? A common experience for many educators.

This guide will help check references when asked to contribute at a course platform


What if I inadvertently share code that destroys a corporate network via one of my courses? I’ll be ruined.

These qualitative-quantitative software tools need to be on your radar


Photo by Micah Boswell on Unsplash

I am also a fan of the word plays many of these packages used to name themselves!

An overview and cross-reference on image credits and attributions

Attribution Strategy

Attribution Keywords

Using the popular bird variety data to demonstrate nearest neighbors classification


The Algorithm

Adam Ross Nelson

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