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I mentor new (💫) and aspiring data scientists enter (🚪) and level up (📈) in the field. I help data pros find work they love (❤️) and that loves them back.

Using the popular bird variety data to demonstrate nearest neighbors classification


The Algorithm

Image Credit: Author’s Illustration. Data Science Career Paths.

Common, or not so common career paths Towards Data Science. How teachers, faculty, accountants, engineers, artists and others get into data science.


From my frequent and ongoing discussions with other data professionals, I wanted to share a summary of common paths towards data science.

Image Credit: Author’s original illustration.

We automate data collection to save time, reduce error, add rigor, and promote reproducibility

Introduction & Method

Why would you go through the trouble of writing code for this? Wouldn’t it be faster to just download the files and then use point and click to assemble the data?

Image Credit: Author’s original illustration.

A brief inventory of tools that make fictional data

1) Faker — Gets very close.

2) — Gets close.

3) Mockaroo — Gets very close.

4) On Your Own — Perfect Match.

When you need data for testing, training, demonstration, or other purposes. Make your own!

Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash

A demonstration with data from the US Department of Education, how to use distance measures to specify college comparison groups


Photo Credit: Unspash. (Original). Using surveys to get feedback from students online.

How I’m gathering feedback from students, amid our four-plus semester-long pandemic


I’m also finding, and I think this is perhaps due to a lack of in-person interactions…

Proposed: The goal of data-driven organizations, startups and others, is to generate new knowledge.


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash — Data driven culture is more than fancy charts and graphs. More than the ability to have them at your fingertips. It is a set of customs and shared understandings. This article provides a guide that can help organizations, and their leaders get started on the processes associated with building data-driven cultures.

Images of bookmarks in the side of a book.
Images of bookmarks in the side of a book.
Bookmark this article for future reference (Control + D) in your browser. Image Credit: Chiara F (Via Unsplash).

How a data scientist writes about scientific and technical results at work with this unique form: Good for students, academics, and others too!

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