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4 hacks to help you live that best online learning life

The Challenges

Data science is an exciting career, particularly for people who like to solve problems. Though the approach may be somewhat different from scientist-to-scientist or from team-to-team, generally speaking, data scientists follow a set process, refine questions, gather data, and determine the best possible answer to an analytical or research question…

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Why many don’t conduct salary research, why you should, and four strategies that can help


Whether you are seeking a new job, entering the workforce after an absence, or simply want a competitive advantage in negotiating your next raise, one piece of information is critical: What should your salary be?

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Keep this tool in mind for the next time you need to collect new data fast


As for many in data science, I frequently need to collect data. This new tool, originally built for market research, also offers promise for many others. Below is a review of the survey tool.

From Google Sheets/Forms, to Survey Monkey, and on towards many other options there is no shortage…

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Method chains I use (and reuse) because they’re helpful and poetic, in a programmatic way


As I started writing this article I originally intended to share a few common method chains I use, myself. I don’t see others use them. And I had a hunch that they would maybe be useful to others.

Towards the end of drafting, I realized this has turned into a…

I still remember the angst associated with learning Pandas and Python; hacks I wish I had earlier in my learning journey


Getting started with Pandas and Python can be an angsty experience. In my experience, I had grown to be an intermediate-advanced programmer in Stata. It was in the weeks after I submitted my dissertation to the PhD committee, but before my defense. I had a ton of time on my…

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This guide will help check references when asked to contribute at a course platform


Has a course platform ever asked you to contribute a course to their platform? Since producing tutorials, cookbooks, YouTube videos, LinkedIn content, and Udemy courses, a handful of emerging platforms have reached out my way asking if I will contribute courses to their platform.

At first, I was not sure…

These qualitative-quantitative software tools need to be on your radar


Often, in my data science work I often point clients and partners to a family of software that bridges the world between qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Photo by Micah Boswell on Unsplash

We sometimes know these packages as qualitative data analysis software (QDAS). They’re numerous. And in my opinion the qualitative moniker is a misnomer. …

An overview and cross-reference on image credits and attributions

Last Updated: March 27, 2021.

Attribution Strategy

My goal is to provide readers with pleasant opportunity to learn about data science, data-related careers, and other professional or personal topics. In providing that visually and aesthetically pleasing experience I sometimes use a variety of images. I aim to provide attribution and credit. …

Using the popular bird variety data to demonstrate nearest neighbors classification


This article uses fictional data, previously generated using the code in an earlier article to illustrate the k-nearest neighbors classification algorithm. Readers can use this article as a cookbook for executing classification algorithms with the k-nearest neighbors algorithms.

Both a Jupyter notebook and a YouTube instructional video accompany this article…

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