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Code & Coffee: As Good As Ever!

In the midst of these isolations, shutdowns, social guidelines, and restrictions Code & Coffee is as strong as ever. Maybe even better!

Adam Ross Nelson
4 min readApr 12, 2020



Code & Coffees are informal co-working sessions usually hosted by volunteers who invite people from all skill levels to join.

Often these sessions are sponsored by businesses that offer working spaces (conference rooms, staff cafeterias, etc.) and coffee. Bonus, often the businesses also sponsor by providing donuts or bagels, too.

Despite that they are informal, the formats from place-to-place are similar. Somehow the format seems to have caught on across the world. Each Code & Coffee offers some version of the events in the sequence listed below.

If you’ve never been to a Code & Coffee, here is what you need to know.

  • They are informal but there is some structure, too.
  • Most start with a round of introductions where everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves and the work they do.
  • Also, during the introductions attendees usually explain what they’ll be working on, what they can help others with, and what how or if they might like some help from others.
  • Following introductions, attendees have an opportunity to advertise any positions that are open at their company.
  • Likewise, attendees have an opportunity to advertise themselves if they are currently looking for a new position.

After all of the above, folks get to work. Some locations offer an opportunity at the end of the day for attendees to share what they accomplished which is a great opportunity for feedback from other developers.

I’ve been a frequent Code & Coffee attendee for some time.

Recent Updates: Code & Coffee Continues Better Than Ever

Many Code & Coffee volunteers have taken their events online. Here are notes that will be helpful in finding one or more Code & Coffee opportunities now that we are in the midst of isolations, shutdowns, social guidelines, and restrictions.



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