Cold Email Job Searching: 4 Crucial Steps Before You Hit Send

Amidst a pile of emails… one stood out

Adam Ross Nelson
4 min readNov 5, 2023


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Emily, newly in her first role as a data scientist, often finds herself swamped with projects and analysis. She worked hard to get where she is. It paid off. Recognition came her way, and with it, a stream of messages from enthusiastic aspirants looking to step into the world of data science.

Hi Emily,” many of them would start, “ I’ve been following your work and was hoping I could pick your brain for a bit?”

Emily, with her kind and exceedingly generous spirit, is eager to help others.

  • The idea of guiding the next generation of data scientists excited her.
  • However, the reality was that her days were packed.
  • She was juggling projects, meetings, and continuous learning.
  • Despite her best intentions, she couldn’t allocate the time to assist everyone who reached out.

One day, amidst the pile of such emails, one stood out. It was from a young man named Leo. Leo’s message was distinct. He began by specifically appreciating a project Emily had worked on. He spoke about how he had tailored his resume towards the field. He mentioned recent threads he’d participated in and even a mini-project he’d done…



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