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A preview of an event hosted by Data-Centric AI Community

Adam Ross Nelson
3 min readJan 24, 2023


The Data-Centric AI Community is hosting an event on how to find data science jobs. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are looking for their first job in the field or those who want to switch career paths and start working with data. There will be three main topics:

  • Revive and strengthen your existing connections
  • Finding the right positions to apply for (helping those jobs find you)
  • Refreshing social media to make it more effective in landing your dream job
Image Credit: Created by Data-Centric AI Graphic Designers. Used With Permission.

Image text: It can be hard to make the jump into a data science career, or even level up in data science. You may feel like you are stuck and that its impossible to make the jump into data science. Maybe you feel like you’re behind because you don’t have the right connections. Maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you’ve already sent hundreds of applications. In this webinar you’ll learn how to revive and strengthen your existing connections, finding positions to apply for, and explore specific strategies that will refresh your social media so that it can be more effective in helping you get your dream job.

Title: Finding Data Science Jobs: Expedite Your Search With These 10 Quick Wins

Time: Jan 26 (12.30 p.m. EST | 5.30 pm. GMT)

Location: Zoom (Register on LinkedIn)

Who: Dr. Adam Ross Nelson, Presenting

Hosted By: Data-Centric AI Community

Why To Attend:

1. Expand Your Professional Network: By attending the webinar, you will have the chance to connect with Dr. Adam Ross Nelson and other professionals in the data science field. This provides an opportunity to learn from their experiences, exchange ideas, and develop meaningful relationships that can help further your career in data science.

2. Learn About Your Target Job: Dr. Nelson will discuss his insight into the data science job market, helping you learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a successful data scientist.

3. Get Insights on What it Takes to Be Successful: The webinar will provide an insight into the skills and…



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