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8 key points to keep in mind when building a data science portfolio

Adam Ross Nelson
4 min readMar 28, 2024



With this article I share ideas that simplify and streamline the process of planning and building a standout data science professional portfolio.

A computer server room.
A computer server room. Photo Credit: Canva.

Not everyone needs a data science portfolio. If you’re newer to the field it is a total hack that can help you beat out competition at each step along the way. A portfolio might get you to the top of the list of an employer’s list of candidates.

After the interview an employer might view candidates with a portfolio (that demonstrates solid skills) as more hirable than those who don’t have a portfolio. A well-curated data science portfolio serves as a meaningful tool for career advancement.

The first step is going to be understanding the purpose behind your portfolio. Whether it’s to land your dream job, enhance your learning, or pursue a passion. Make deciding the purpose of your portfolio be the first step in this creative journey.

A browser address bar mock up.
A browser address bar mockup. Photo credit: Canva.

This article provides eight key high-level points to consider when developing your…



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