How to Become a Data Scientist: A Guide for Established Professionals

Highlights from the daily stream, The first 10 days

Adam Ross Nelson
9 min readJul 9

TLDR: The book How to Become a Data Scientist published in April. This summer I’m hosting a daily stream sharing information from the book. Here are highlights from the first ten days.

🚨 Read the end where I share a schedule of daily topics to come. 🚨

Become a Data Scientist Stream Overview

To celebrate the book, I started a daily stream in June. Daily streaming is another topic to write about 🤕 🥴 only kidding — I’ve loved it!

Daily Recap of the Streams

I hope others love it too. Here are the highlights.

Read to the end where I share a calendar of the topics you can expect in the upcoming days.

Reflecting On The Steps I Took Into Data Science

The main agenda item for Day 1 was to offer a reading from the book that overviews the true story of how I made my way into data science rather late in my career. Here is a portion of that passage:

An important reason I began writing this book was that I had noticed how other mid- and late-career professionals were seeking to make a similar transition as the one I had made in my late thirties. I went into data science after working primarily in higher education administration in my late twenties and early thirties.

This book reflects on the steps I took in making my career transition into data science. The truth though is that I made multiple career transitions. I went back and forth a bit between multiple paths, too. For example... After college, where I studied history and public communication, I worked in higher education administration. I continued teaching the occasional semester here and there… A turning point for me was when I reached a spot in my career where I was working as a data scientist, but I was not formally in a data science role with my employer.

I was doing the work of a data scientist. With an abundance of encouragement and support from friends, family, mentors, and co-workers, I transitioned formally into a data science role.

Daily Streaming, Like Data Science, Is Hard

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