How to Create Job Alerts in LinkedIn

Learn how to set your job alert preferences on LinkedIn

Adam Ross Nelson
3 min readApr 13

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We have all been there during a job search, that position where you always feel behind the ball. By the time you see the job opening there are already 75 data science applicants. If you have been out of the job search arena for some time, then you might not be used to the changes associated with applying on an open position. I believe that LinkedIn is among the most comprehensive sites to use for a data science career search. In this blog post, I am going to help you learn how to set your job alert preferences on LinkedIn so that you do not miss the job you’ve been looking for.

Linked In Job Alert Preferences

According to the Linked In help page to set a job alert you begin by entering the search data for your desired position. Hit search and at the top left of the search page there will be a toggle button that will turn on notifications for your current search criteria. Subsequently, every time a position is posted that matches your job search you will receive a notification from LinkedIn.

To set your job search criteria you want to add what is nonnegotiable to you. For example, if you want a remote data science position then location needs to be specified in your job search criteria. I also recommend looking for job posts that were posted no later than 48 hours ago.

Job Alerts by Company

Let’s say you have a specific company that you have heard great things about and would like the opportunity to work as a data scientist there. You can set specific notifications for when that company posts a job that fits your job search criteria. Here is how: on the company’s LinkedIn page select the jobs option. From there you can create a job alert by filling in the job search criteria that best fits your skillset. From there you will get notified when a job is posted by that company.

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement

If you are mainly using LinkedIn for your data science job search, then you are going to ensure that your profile is optimized for a recruiter or hiring manager to browse. To do this I recommend creating a profile that highlights your skills…

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