Adam Ross Nelson
1 min readJan 5, 2019

I recently made this transition. Yes, not an easy one. I went from a university setting to a corporate setting (employees: n<90, scientists: n=1).

I disagree with the reasons for the challenge. For example, scientists need, welcome, maybe crave inputs. Thus, new inputs such as products, business, consumer needs etc are welcome.

The challenge has been a loss of inputs. Two specific examples. One, at a university setting it was simple to go get input down the hall from a fellow doctoral trained researcher. In a corporate or startup setting such ad hoc inputs are not as accessible. Two, in a corporate or startup setting the pace of journal and conference submission, is slower. Reviewer, reader, and attendee feedback from journal and conference submission is a valuable source of input that is less frequently available in the corporate or startup setting.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’m so glad to have read your work.

Adam Ross Nelson

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