LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements Explained (With How To Screen Grabs)

Follow the advice here to make sure you have prepared your LinkedIn endorsements for your job search

Adam Ross Nelson
5 min readFeb 5, 2024


Building a compelling online presence on professional networking sites like LinkedIn is crucial for any job seeker. For those looking to transition careers, into data science for example, this is even more important.

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LinkedIn’s Skills and Endorsements section is a feature that allows you to showcase your abilities and receive validation from your online connections. Fortunately, since understanding and grooming your skill endorsements is essential — it doesn’t have to be difficult.

With this guide you’ll know why the skills section is beneficial and how to update it for yourself.

Building A Reputable Persona

With the option to add up to 100 skills, you can comprehensively display your abilities across various areas. This not only helps in portraying a well-rounded professional image but also in engaging those with whom you will interact with in the job search more effectively. Here is a rough idea of how the section looks along with a guide to finding how you can edit the section.

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Gain Credibility through Endorsements

Skill endorsements are different from “LinkedIn Recommendations.”

Skill endorsements from your connections serve as a form of social proof as to your ability to perform well in specific skill areas. When prepared well the skill endorsements will reinforce credibility of your abilities.

Unlike recommendations, which are detailed and require more effort from your connections, endorsements are a quick way for your network to validate your skills. This added layer of validation strengthens your profile and increases your visibility to recruiters and potential employers looking for specific skills.

Improve Discoverability for Opportunities



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