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Get Started In Natural Language Processing, Or Understand Any Document Better With These Word Cloud Tools

Adam Ross Nelson
3 min readAug 12, 2022

TLDR: Word clouds are often interactive, informative images that communicate quality insights in a single glance. Use them to understand a document (or group of documents in new ways). Here are three examples of word cloud tools that are free for any to use.


Word clouds are data exploration tools. They show you your data. Data professionals use them to better understand customer feedback, or academic papers, and other sources of raw text data.

I enjoy using word clouds to better understand an individual document. For example, if I am stuck on writing an important document — I’ll throw related documents in a word cloud generator to better understand the most important words.

There are many different word cloud creators. They each have their own design and special features. In this guide, I 5 of my favorite free word cloud tools.

To demonstrate each tool I generated a cloud with a data science job description.

Monkey Learn

The MonkeyLearn WordCloud Generator is free and under the hood it leverages artificial intelligence. This means that it gives more accurate and unique results than other word cloud tools.

You can also customize… change fonts, color schemes, word quantity, and theme. It then lets you download high-definition word art in PNG and SVG formats.

A favorite feature of mine is that it also lets you access the raw data (word frequency and relevance scores).

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Word It Out

WordItOut lets you transform your text into beautiful word clouds that are perfect for sharing. You will be inspired. You will find insights.

You can choose from an extensive list of fonts and effects, including ones with emojis or symbols.

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