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A free tutorial for aspiring Python data science professionals

Adam Ross Nelson
5 min readSep 17, 2023


Tutorials Introduction

This tutorial comes in ten parts. Enjoy!

Welcome, dear reader! Amidst the vast digital ocean of Python tutorials, one might think the web is saturated to the brink. But let’s dissect that thought a bit.

True, the ubiquity of Python tutorials stems from its versatility — it’s a powerhouse language, sculpted and molded for myriad tasks by a diverse group of developers. Such expansive adoption has bestowed upon us a treasure trove of documentation catering to a spectrum of purposes.

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Yet, here is rub ➡️ For those steering their Python journey with a compass 🧭 set towards the realm of data science 📈 the vastness can be more of a maze than a map 🗺️

This is where my series here enters. I crafted this series meticulously for the aspirants aiming to leverage Python as their current or aspirational data science career.

These tutorials are more than mere code walkthroughs. Each tutorial serves as a gateway into the code’s logic offering you a concise introduction, a comprehensive abstract, and a methodical play-by-play of exemplar code.

As you traverse these guides, you’ll find intertwined discussions illuminating the relevance and application of each topic to data science (often missing from the genearlly applicable generic tutorial).

To ensure you’re not just passive passengers but that you can also be engaged learners, each segment culminates with a quiz to gauge and solidify your grasp on the subject. If you do well on the quiz move forward, if you’re not sure on the answers to the quiz. . . slow yourself down or ask for help.

So, whether you’re a novice setting foot in this domain or a seasoned coder seeking specificity, these tutorials beckon you to a tailored experience — meant specifically for you. Welcome aboard!

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