The Senior Leaders I Imagine When Writing For Executive Audiences

Imaginary profiles of those I write for when I’m writing for executive audiences

Adam Ross Nelson
4 min readMay 24, 2022

Samantha, or Sam For Short

Samantha or Sam for short. (Pronouns are she, her, hers). Image Credit: Author’s Illustration In Canva.

Sam is a highly experienced organizational executive. She has experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Early in her care she worked as a consultant for large “big name” consulting firms. Importantly, Samantha knows well many of the latest trends in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. She is not a data zealot. Instead she maintains a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the value of data and understands that “data for the sake of data” can be an organizational and leadership mistake. Samantha is constantly impressed by her work of her teams. She wants to learn more about how they do it. And, she wants her organization to learn more about what her data teams do. Related, she wants her teams and her organizations to speak and communicate often, with a critical mind, about how to build, grow, expand, and enhance the organizations use of its data. She often presents work from her teams to other executives or the board of directors. Another important aspect of her work is that she has a role in approving new software and technology-related acquisitions. Samantha is careful when approving new acquisitions because she worries that vendor claims are often exaggerated. Samantha would like to strengthen her organization and team’s ability to critical review new software purchase and technology-related acquisitions in order to simplify her own role as someone who will review and give final “yes” or “no” decisions on this topic.

Dave, or Dav For Short

David or Dav but does not prefer Dave. Dav sounds like “Have” but starts with a D. (Pronouns are ze, zim, zis). Image Credit: Author’s Illustration In Canva.

Currently manages three teams of data scientists. Before advancing as a senior manager in data science ze also served as a data scientist. Dav believes ze enjoys a strong connection with zis team, others throughout the organization, and also the organization’s senior leadership. Ze started as a math major in college and was planning to be a math teacher. Ze finished most of zis math…

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